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Don't ruin your skin by accident

Don't ruin your skin by accident

No matter how much you look after your skin you could be making some simple mistakes or ignoring threats which can ruin it. To ensure you don't slip up too much, make note of the following things that can negatively impact your appearance.


Not only have cellphones and other gadgets been linked to illnesses like cancer, but they can also cause premature wrinkles. By looking down at your keyboard or phone screen all day lines build up beneath your chin and on your neck, and over time they'll become more difficult to tackle. Try raising your phone up higher when you look at it so it's at a comfortable and line-preventative angle, and there's no harm in adding a layer of anti-ageing moisturiser to these areas halfway through your day.

Long, hot showers

It's tempting to come home and wash away the stress of the day in a steamy shower, but standing under hot water for too long is no good for your skin. The more the shower scorches your skin, the more it can potentially strip off your top layer of cells, resulting in dryness and itching. Stick to the occasional hot blast to warm yourself at first but be sure to turn the temperature down quickly before any harm is done.

Forgetting to shower after swimming

Chlorine is a killer on your skin as not only does it leave it smelly and funky, it dries it out too. If not washed off soon after a dip in the pool you could feel your skin getting sore and flaky, and what you use is important. Stick to shower products that are free from harsh chemicals and are moisturising to nurse your skin cells back to health. If you don't have a moisturising body wash, make sure you layer on some cream or body butter afterwards.

Missing out on sleep

We all know that a lack of shut-eye leaves us feeling tired and irritable, and it can also age you. A lot happens when you sleep, such as your body hydrating and replenishing itself, therefore the negative results show if you miss out. Steer clear of anything that will keep you up or affect your slumber, such as a TV set or laptop in bed, at least an hour before you go to sleep.

Too many products

As mentioned above, you may think you're beauty savvy and an expert at what products to use. However, using too many things on your face may do more harm than good as in the case of an allergic reaction, you won't know what caused it. For those wanting to integrate new products into their skincare regime, leave a few weeks between trying each so you can identify how your skin reacts to it. You'll also save money by making the most of what you have rather than splurging on a dozen products before realising they harm your complexion.

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