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Do a Christina Aguilera and go for a bronze red hair tone

Do a Christina Aguilera and go for a bronze red hair tone

Christina Aguilera is paving the way for “bronze red”, according to hair expert Scott Cornwall.

Scott not only knows hair inside and out, he’s also behind his namesake label and is constantly coming up with innovative lotions and potions to make locks healthier, brighter and more exciting.

Scott has long since championed red heads, and with Say Something Christina recently ditching blonde for a wild red hue, Scott says now is the time to embrace the bright colour.

“Christina Aguilera’s colouring definitely suits sharp, stronger colours instead of multi tonal shades, so think light blonde, dark brown or vintage red,” he told Cover Media.

“I’d describe this shade as ‘bronze red’ and this colour can be created by mixing a small amount of Colour Restore Deep Red with Caramel.”

However, not everyone suits the shade, and Scott warns that only certain features will be complemented by a red hue.

“Rich, vibrant red colours are best suited to those who have natural warmth in their hair and have bright or green eye colours,” he advised.

Christina has flirted with red hair before, adding pillar box red strands to her mane in the early days of becoming a star, and also dip dying her blonde tresses in more recent times. However for her latest look the Voice judge has completely shunned her usual blonde tones, going for a vampy Jessica Rabbit look. She debuted the glamorous style, reminiscent of Hollywood screen sirens in the ‘40s, at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at the beginning of June, uploading a snap on her Insatgram account with a red pout emoji as a caption.

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