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DIY facial oils

DIY facial oils

A dash of facial oil can work wonders for your complexion and it’s easy to make yourself.

While many people claim oil is the last thing a greasy face needs, in fact it could help tackle the problem. And of course, a few drops can make a huge difference to parched skin. This week, we look at creating facial oils at home and skincare maven Jill Zander has explained why this product is a must-have for our beauty routine.

“It can be a common misconception that facial oils can exacerbate skin issues - it is in fact the opposite. If you strip the skin of its natural oils, it sends skin into oil-production overdrive, producing more spot inducing shine,” Jill told Cover Media. “A little bit of oil can work wonders for your complexion.

“There are many benefits to facial oil: they mimic the skin’s natural oils and reach deeper than a standard moisturiser. To apply oils, you need to use a gentle massage technique, which improves circulation and results in a plumper, more radiant and luminous complexion.

“Using a high quality oil at night can work like a dream to rehydrate, plump, calm and heal world-weary skin.”

Now we know why facial oils should be used we need the perfect recipe to create our own version.

Janey Lee Grace, author of Look Great Naturally Without Ditching the Lipstick, has plenty of ideas for concoctions to suit any skin type.

“Choose a base oil which is fairly light and easily absorbed such as jojoba, sweet almond, apricot kernel, evening primrose or rosehip oil,” Janey told Cover Media. “Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can add up to 25 drops of essential oil to 100ml carrier oil, but it’s a good idea to start with a maximum of ten drops.”

For oily complexions try mixing 50ml of carrot oil with the same amount of wheat germ oil, and then add five drops of lavender oil and two drops of both rose and geranium oil. This recipe smells delicious and the geranium oil will help regulate oil production and reduce acne breakouts.

Anyone wishing to slow down the hands of time should give Janey’s anti-ageing oil a go.

It’s easy to put together; simply mix 50ml of rosehip with 50ml of sweet almond oil. Add one drop of frankincense essential oil, along with two drops of both lavender oil and rose oil.

Frankincense promotes the regeneration of healthy new cells and is renowned for its astringent properties. It can also help to eliminate sun spots and tone and tighten your skin.

Consider using rosehip, coconut or evening primrose oil if you suffer from a dry complexion.

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