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DIY beauty: Christmas leftovers

DIY beauty: Christmas leftovers

Christmas and New Year have come and gone at the speed of light, but you still have so much sitting about in your kitchen to remind you of the festive period. Before you pour them all into a bin bag, read this article, as you may be able to transform some ingredients into some great beauty products.

For those of you who picked up nutmeg and cinnamon for Christmas but barely used it, you can transform it into a rejuvenating body scrub. Use olive oil to make it easy to rub on, as well as some essential oil (we suggest orange) and a dash of coffee grounds and sugar – this will create texture. To add a more pleasant scent, pop some orange or lemon shavings into the concoction. Stir thoroughly and enjoy a good scrub in the shower.

If you have ground ginger leftover from making gingerbread men, you can whip up this body butter. Add shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and a dash of ginger into a microwavable dish and melt for roughly 30 seconds until the mixture turns to liquid. After it’s cooled for around half an hour to room temperature, pop into the fridge to firm things up. For a thicker consistency, add a spot more ginger along with ground cinnamon and vanilla extract. Mix by hand or using a food processor until it resembles batter or whipped cream, then spoon into jars as a finishing touch. You can pop it back in the fridge if you want an even thicker mixture.

This next tip is for the people who have been baking chocolate cakes and cookies over the holidays – it’s almost impossible to resist licking this tasty chocolate face mask! Combine cocoa powder with oatmeal, honey and cream and mix thoroughly, then apply to your face by carefully massaging it in. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. The cocoa powder is packed full of antioxidants, and the flavonoids in the powder have been proven to help protect your skin against UV light and increase blood flow. Meanwhile the oatmeal is an exfoliator, and the honey and cream add nourishment for a silky soft finish.

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