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Divine 8 Flower Nectar Lifting Facial

Divine 8 Flower Nectar Lifting Facial

As we've highlighted in this series, not all facials are relaxing or indulgent. But this one certainly ticks both of those boxes. Formulated by hero Parisian skincare brand Darphin, the Divine 8 Flower Nectar Lifting Facial leaves skin smooth and revitalised and your centre feeling balanced and calm.

Taking place at London's Spa Illuminata, the classical Roman and Greek style spa is a world away from the busy streets of Mayfair that sit outside. The treatment itself uses a mix of Darphin's essential oil elixirs, which smell just as amazing as they feel. The products were worked into the skin in a figure of eight motion, broken up into different sections, covering the whole area from forehead to décolletage.

The experience was such a relaxing one and definitely worth treating yourself to. But doing it at home also couldn't be simpler. Massaging skin in a figure of eight motion, start by sweeping the oil or cream across the face. Then massage the forehead with a large eight. Repeat around the eyes. Moving on to the next section, sweep an eight across both temples and then the cheekbone area. From here move to the nose, across the upper lip to the chin. Then flip it to cheek to cheek, going across the upper lip. The last section is across the jaw line, and finally on the neck. All together, there are eight figures of eight.

Taking time out to give yourself a proper facial is vital for fresh looking skin. It will also help to relax you, and is great to do on a Sunday evening before you start another week. Massaging the face will get blood flowing and can help keep skin tight and supple.

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