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Ditch red lips for date night

Ditch red lips for date night

It’s a go-to look when trying to win someone over, but there are other beauty options aside from red lips. Read on for some date-night make-up tips which won’t leave your mouth blotchy afterwards.

Glowing skin

Draw your eye candy in by creating an overall subtle shine to your face, which will also make you look happy and healthy. To get this finish begin with a good moisturiser, then apply a luminous foundation sparingly before using a brush to blend it. This will ensure a light, even coverage, then end with a few dots of translucent powder to bring out the glow of your cheeks and jaw.

Beautiful blush

You don’t want to look as pale as a ghost on your date, and equally you don’t want to look as though you’ve been out in the sun for too long. A hint of blush on the apples of your cheeks will give you a warm complexion that’s not only sexy but rather adorable too. Rather than following the usual application method for blusher, take a round brush and gently blend your choice of shade into the middle of your cheeks for a natural finish. Stick to light colours as you can build these up – going for a deep pink will only end badly!


The name says it all; use natural-tones on your lips, cheeks and eyes to showcase your true beauty. So for light skin we suggest nude colours, perhaps going for a subtly darker shade on your eyelids for depth, whereas those with darker complexions should pick the shades of brown accordingly. As this is a stripped back appearance don’t go for black mascara if you’re fair – light brown will complement the finished look.

Stained lips

Just because you’re not having red lips doesn’t mean you need to avoid lip colour all together. In this case it’s all about how you apply the shade, and we recommend going for a light option rather than dark. Begin with prepping your mouth with a good, hydrating balm as your lips could get dry as time goes on. Take your best lipstick (avoid the red!) and press the tip of your finger onto it, then transfer the colour to your lips by patting. The natural, easy-going finish is just as attractive as scarlet lips.

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