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Ditch dry hair

Ditch dry hair

Anyone who's experimented with bleach or become a slave to styling tools will understand the horror of dry hair. No matter what you spend on colour treatments or shampoo, if your locks are frazzled they will look lacklustre. Singeing them with hairdryers, forcing out any kinks with high-temperature straighteners or forcing them into curls via tongs will all have an effect. Hair looks dry and lacks shine, plus it'll be hard to manage. Here we give you some tips on how to nurse dry hair back to health.

See a specialist

If you don't feel like tacking dry hair yourself, it's time to head to your hairdresser. As well as being able to recommend products that the experts use, they can give you a trim and improve the appearance of your hair by targeting split ends. You could also hunt down a salon that offers a keratin treatment. These keep locks glossy and straighter for longer, meaning you won't be as reliant on heated appliances - one of the biggest causes of dry hair.

Take a trip to the chemist

Going to the salon for expensive treatments is one way to say bye to the dry, but there are plenty of great at-home options that are a bit more purse friendly. Masks, oils and serums are all aimed at parched locks, and which one you choose depends on what you personally like and what takes best to your hair. So have a play around and give a few a go. Once you've found your match, take an evening each week and give your hair a treat. TIP: If your locks are extra dry from bleach and dyes, put a shower cap over your hair treatment and leave it on for as long as possible. Some people even swear by sleeping in it!

Or do it yourself

If you don't want to fork out on products from the shop or online, there are some at-home remedies which work just as well. Surprisingly, we guarantee most of these suggestions will already be in your kitchen cupboard. Eggs aren't just good in a frying pan - yolks are a great natural moisturiser for your hair, and mixed with oil, make the perfect conditioner. Coconut oil is known for its nourishing properties and smothered on your tresses will add an attractive sheen and silky soft finish when clean. Dry hair often causes a dry scalp, so you'll need to look after this as well. Lemon juice, with its citrusy zest, will help ease the itchy skin; just squeeze some on the area and massage in. Wash out after an hour or leave overnight for better results.

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