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Disguise a double chin

Disguise a double chin

If there's one thing that can have you running to de-tag a Facebook photo it's an unsightly double chin. But it's not as simple as losing a bit of weight, as for some people a double chin is merely genetic. If you want to achieve a more chiselled appearance, we reveal the clever make-up tricks and nifty facial exercises at your disposal.

Mask with make-up

It's all about contouring when trying to get rid of a double chin. Just as this make-up trick makes cheekbones appear more chiselled, it can also define a jaw. Try using a face powder a shade darker than your natural skin tone (no darker though or it will look unnatural). Blend it carefully from ear to ear and into the neck so there are no defined lines. This helps to sharpen the shape and stop your chin from merging into your neck. You can also highlight your favourite features - full lips look great with a slick of lipstick while mascara frames large eyes. This will draw attention away from the chin.

Get the right haircut

It's important to pick a cut that flatters the shape of your face, especially if you want to mask a double chin. Very long styles and cuts that sit at chin level are no gos, as they both accentuate the area. Instead, try a bob that rests on your shoulders or a layered 'do. Both will draw attention away from the chin.

Try facial exercises

While losing weight won't work for everyone with a double chin, there are targeted exercises you can try. Chin lifts are very simple and work as follows: stand with a straight neck and back, raising your chin towards the ceiling. Pucker your lips upwards and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Just as you'd use an exercise ball in gym class, try a tennis ball for your chin. Hold it between your chin and neck, press down, then slightly release. Repeat 10 times, twice a day.

You could also try chewing gum between meals. It helps to keep the jaw strong, minimising a double chin.

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