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Depuff inflated eyes

Depuff inflated eyes

We hate to tell you, but puffy eyes aren't attractive; you can't apply your make-up properly and constantly feel like you're squinting (which onlookers may assume too if you're not careful).

But what is it that makes the area around your peepers decide to inflate and wreak havoc on your appearance?

There are a few reasons, and some of them are simply down to your lifestyle. Perhaps you're not sleeping enough and are kept up all night by stress, both of which can lead to the sensitive skin around your eyes swelling slightly. A hangover can cause puffiness too due to water retention (another reason to gulp down plenty of H2O before you go to bed!), or it may be as simple as inheriting your parents' unfortunate feature.

Lastly, it could just be down to ageing; as you get older the fatty tissue which protects your eye within the socket is prone to being pushed forward to below your eye, resulting in the rather inflated look.

Whatever the reason, there are ways you can hide or even reduce the results.

There are plenty of natural methods you can try out. Splashing some cold water will help constrict your blood vessels and ease the swelling, or scoop a few ice cubes into a bag and hold them to your eyes for quick periods until you notice a difference.

Aloe vera is a firm favourite when it comes to tackling puffiness. Use as you would on an insect bite, sting or rash to ease the problem, carefully apply gel on the under eye area to help flush out unnecessary fluids. The antioxidants and vitamin E will quickly get to work, as well as tackling the wrinkles. You'll already know this but, just to be safe, avoid getting any IN your eyes! If you're keen to get it in its raw form head to your local garden centre, pick up a plant and then all you need to do is snip an end off to get the goo.

All those cucumbers you see women resting on their eyes in spa photos aren't just for show, as their astringent properties do the same as cold water when pulled straight out of the fridge.

You can find these properties in various products too, such as Simple's Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm. Not only is it suitable for sensitive skin, but it boasts vitamin E. Just apply a thin layer and gently pat, not rub, until it absorbs.

Or Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Turbo-Boost Hydragel could be your choice, packed with cucumber, aqua and caffeine. It aims to target dark circles and puffs, transforming your under-eye into a firm, hydrated area.

For a quick fix why not use Smashbox's Hydrating Under Eye Primer. Not only does it give a natural finish but it also helps keep your concealer in place so you'll look bright eyed as you party the night away.

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