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Deodorant dos and don'ts

Deodorant dos and don'ts

You may think applying deodorant is a simple task, but you could be making mistakes without even realising. If you do do it wrong you could be missing out on valuable protection.

First choose the right type for your needs. Deodorant is best to keep smell at bay, whereas antiperspirant – which contains aluminium chloride to block sweat – will keep your armpits dry. Whether you prefer a stick or spray is down to you , just make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin.

The time of application is important too. Of course you can spritz on deodorant at any time of day to freshen up, however if you’re an antiperspirant user the best time to apply is when you’re not sweating as much, like mornings and evenings when it’s cool. This will ensure the product binds to your skin and protects you before the heavy sweats hit.

You also need to ensure you’re covering the sweat glands entirely, as even a few missed means you’ll be left with wet pits.

Apply a generous amount and when you have some time to yourself at home, apply some moisturiser to your armpits as deodorant and antiperspirant can dry skin out.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up too as a product you used 10 years ago may not have the same protection it did back then. If you’ve noticed your go-to deodorant isn’t doing its job anymore, it’s time to move on. This could be down to your body becoming resistant and letting sweat seep through, and with moisture under your arms you could quickly get quite whiffy.

There’s no harm in trying and testing a few products in different scenarios to see how well they work as the last thing you want is to splash out on an expensive deodorant only for it to fail you!

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