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Defeat the dreaded hat hair

Defeat the dreaded hat hair

When the cold weather sets in, you immediately want to reach for your woolly hat to keep your head warm. But what happens when you take the hat off? Is keeping your ears from falling off more important than being left with a frizzy mess of tresses all day?

It shouldn't be a matter of picking a priority and if you go about it in the right way, you can rock head gear without hat hair.

Your parting is vital in battling the flat mess that you're left with when taking your hat off. If you usually wear your hair over to the left, flip it to the right before popping your hat on. When you take your hat off you won't have to worry about everything being squashed down as you can just reassemble your hair to the way you usually wear it and bam, instant volume!

Or, carry a root-boosting product in your handbag to apply when you're hat free. A dry shampoo or spray will help get things back into place, alongside a thin-toothed comb or brush to perk things up.

Hat hair is more noticeable when you wear your locks straight, so why not go for a kinky finish next time you accessorise. Either loosely curl your hair or crimp it to give it a wavy look - that way no one will be able to tell if your hair style is ruined or not. Just make sure you add a light touch of product to keep things relatively neat.

You may not realise this but static is often caused by dryness, so we recommend keeping your head of hair hydrated. Along with drinking plenty of water during the cold weather treat yourself to a moisturising hair mask, and make sure you apply heat-protecting products when using straighteners or a hairdryer.

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