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Dealing with baby hair

Dealing with baby hair

If you're playing spot the difference with old and new pictures of Kim Kardashian, you'll see the reality TV star used to have fine baby hairs growing around her forehead. It's been rumoured she had hers blitzed with a laser but don't worry - you don't need to go that extreme to deal with yours!

So first and foremost: what exactly causes these little tufts?

"In most cases ‘baby hair’ isn’t actually baby hair, it is old hair that has been broken off from heat damage or it is new hair growth that grows out eventually," Alison Stewart, Owner and Director of Alison Stewart Hairdressing, explained to Cover Media.

Styling can be a bit of a nightmare when you have baby hair: it seems to spring out of updos and poke out from under fringes. Alison recommends tackling it by using a moisturising shampoo and a deep conditioner once a week. When styling, she says smoothing a dime-size dab of anti-frizz pomade over dry bits works wonders.

But essentially, you could make baby hairs work to your advantage.

"I think people should embrace their baby hairs! Wearing your hair back - whether it's in a bun, ponytail, braid or top knot - I feel looks better when the hair is slightly dishevelled and messy, as opposed to super-tight and super-slicked," she enthused.

"The soft little baby hairs around the hairline are much kinder on our features. Scraping and/or slicking your hair back can actually damage your hair. A great hair product I recommend is a hair powder because it morphs into a clear texturising product once you rub it in your hair or between your fingers and when worked through the baby hair it can help them to stay put without the need for lots of hairspray."

So there you have it - no laser needed!

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