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Day to night hairdos

Day to night hairdos

When you know you're going out in the evening but have a long day at work ahead, don't fret about how to wear your hair. There are plenty of styles which can easily be transformed to look more glamorous for when you clock off, just read on to discover the 'dos.

Bun to waves

A simple bun is easy to put together at the beginning of the day. Put your hair up in the right spot, depending on how far up your head you want your waves to start, by twisting your tresses into a tight roll. Don't use a band or scrunchie as this will only ruin the look later on when pulling it out. Once twisted tight, curl it into a bun and fasten with pins or clips to keep everything in place.

Before leaving for your night out take the fasteners out, allowing your hair to fall naturally. Flip your hair over to loosen the strands and add volume and fix with a spritz of hairspray.

Straight to voluptuous

This is for those who stick to the simple straight do during the working week. There's nothing wrong with that, but we think jzeushing it up a bit in the evening will get you in the mood to have fun. Get a thin-toothed comb and work at your roots to create volume, back combing gently and using your fingers to tease your hair into place.

Next whip out a volumising hair product, whether its spray or dry shampoo, and give your head a good, even coverage (being sure to rub in any powder left). If your locks drop throughout the evening, simply pull the comb out again to build things up.

Swap your parting

Simple, but effective. Wearing your hair in the same parting every day makes it automatically fall into that position when styling, but by mixing things up you can really make a difference. Those who know and recognise you will spot the change without being able to put their finger on it, and all you have to do is brush your hair the other way! It may take a bit of taming so perhaps keep some hair slides on hand to stick in before you go out. Then by the time you leave, your locks will be slightly more tamed.

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