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Cute colourful brows

Cute colourful brows

It may not be a natural choice for a night out on the town, but colouring your brows can make a real beauty statement! We cover our eyelids in bright shades of eyeshadow, so now we're going to share tips on how to transform your eyebrows using the same products.

Pale skintones

You don't want anything too harsh as although this look is about fun, you don't want it to be overpowering. Pastel shades such as light pink or baby blue will work a treat for you; just make sure your brows have a light base to build on if they're dark. A thin layer of primer or concealer to help the colour stick and stand out is important, then gently work your chosen tone with soft brush over the hairs. Any patches left uncovered will stand out like a sore thumb, therefore good coverage is important. Also don't smother your eyelashes in black mascara as you want to keep things soft; use a light brown or clear option instead and keep attention on your brows.

Olive skintones

When you rock naturally golden skin, your eyebrows are bound to be a deep shade. This means slightly more vivid colours will work on your brows as you need something which won't get lost in the background. We suggest options like emerald green, maroon or a deep plum eyeshadow in this case, and dampening the brush you apply with will help create impact. Thanks to your tanned complexion these colours won't be too bright, and your brows will pop just enough to make people notice you've been brave enough to try out a new trend.

Dark skintones

Don't be afraid to pick up bright colours here, like red or royal blue, as this is your chance to use your gorgeous dark complexion as the perfect base for bold brows. You can also go all out with your eyelashes, just keep the eyelids clear of colour. If you want to, match your lipstick to your brows to bring the whole dramatic look together. For those who struggle to find a concealer or primer which matches your skin, go for a clear brow gel to help the eyeshadow stay in place. Just be careful the powder doesn't go clumpy; let the product sink in properly before adding anything on top.

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