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Cut down your morning routine

Cut down your morning routine

When you start work super early during the week, do you really need an hour to get ready in the morning? If this is you, we think you should spend a little longer in bed by chopping down your routine first thing - after all, a good night's sleep is a beauty booster in itself!

Dry shampoo is an absolute lifesaver when you don't have a minute to spare in the mornings. Washing your hair adds valuable minutes onto your shower and isn't always the best choice for your locks, as frequent rinses dries them out. Even if you've already got a trusty favourite dry shampoo, it's worth exploring some of the options out there. For ladies with lacklustre hair, there are volume-enhancing products that offer a much-needed boost. Or there are coloured ones for those with very dark or dyed hair who don't have time to check for white residue before leaving the house.

When it comes to cosmetics, this is where multi-tasking products are a must. Tinted moisturiser, for example, will not only nourish your skin but will cover any imperfections you may have. Rather than digging out an eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, a crayon in the right shade can give the same finish to both areas and save you rummaging around in your make-up bag! And a cream blush can work wonders on your lips and cheeks, just use your fingers to blend properly. Leave everything you need out the night before so it’s ready for the morning and ensure you have a good light while applying as it's hard to figure out whether everything is neat and tidy when in a dimly lit room.

Thinking about your prep is also a good way to cut down on time in the long-run. For example, after you wash your hair using a blob of Living Proof Prime Style Extender will help your hair hold its style and mean you can go for longer between washes - particularly good if you have a fringe which tends to get greasy before the rest of your hair. It's designed to be a primer for your hair, plus it helps repel dirt and oil. Similar is Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer, which cuts how long it takes to dry your hair and also stops you getting the dreaded, flattened bed head.

Preparation also runs to having the right products with you. If you're heading out after work but won't have time to do re-do your make-up, pop a bit of moisturiser on to waken up your foundation and ditch any dry patches. Similarly you can razz up a flagging manicure by sticking a quick glitter top coat on, or a quick dry clear one for a shine injection.

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