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Crimp your hair

Crimp your hair

When you think crimped hair, your mind probably transports you back to the 80s when the hairstyle was at its height of popularity. But this look is coming back in fashion, and paired with a cute boho outfit or bikini on the beach it's no surprise!

The style isn't hard to master and it can be created with or without heat. We'll take you through both options here so you can decide which is best for you.

Using heat:

You don't need a special tool for this - thin straighteners will work perfectly along with heat defence spray. You should start with poker straight hair in order for the crimp to say in place, as frizzy or curly hair won't hold the style.

Get hold of a one-inch section of hair and carefully place the iron at the root with a safe gap from your scalp. Secure the straighteners and gently twist your wrist back and forth in different directions as you move the iron down. Do this slowly as you don't want to accidentally yank any strands!

Once you let go at the bottom you should be left with a cute crimp finish. Depending on how tight you want the crimps, move your hand more often if you want them close knit or less regularly for big, loose zigzags.

Continue this move over the whole head (don't worry if you can't reach the underneath sections, they'll be covered up anyway!) and add a spritz of hairspray to keep things secure afterwards.

No heat:

This is the simplest method ever and you're bound to have heard of it by now, but we want to remind you how effortless it is - plaits!

You can start with either wet or dry hair, though damp tresses are more prone to frizz as they dry without the right product. Again, section your hair into as many different clumps as you can - you may need help with this move - and get plaiting. Start from as close to the scalp as possible and secure tightly with bands to ensure nothing comes loose.

Or if you're after loose crimps and less effort, go for a single or two big French plaits.

The next step is easy - sleep! And in the morning free your hair from the bands and gently run your fingers through your hair to separate without ruining the style. Again, a thin layer of spray to hold things in place, and you're done.

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