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Create frizzy festival curls

Create frizzy festival curls

Coachella has just wrapped up, and the beauty world is abuzz with the trends seen at this year's (16) festival. If you have some outdoor music events coming up or simply fancy mixing things up, we suggest you try out this frizzy haired look rocked by the likes of Vanessa Hudgens now the sun is out. For a night on the town or a day in the park, this style is versatile and low-maintenance.

Despite the static aesthetic, curls are at the base of this finish, so that's where we begin. Naturally wavy or curly hair works best in this case as it allows you to embrace your natural tresses, rather than working hard to hide them.

Apply a good leave-in conditioner to help make your hair manageable before anything, like Aussie Lightweight Leave-in Conditioner Miracle Hair Insurance or Paul Mitchell Curls Full Circle Leave-in Treatment. Then, apply a curling cream or mousse, such as label.m Curl Cream or Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse.

Ditch your normal hair-drying routine now and get yourself a diffuser head to create tight, bouncy curls. It adds texture, shine and instant curls if done right. Put the top of the dryer to your head and move in a circular motion, allowing fingers to connect with your hair if there are some curls, if not, cradle and scrunch your locks in your hand. Continue from the root to the ends, bringing your hair upwards towards your scalp as much as possible.

Use until your locks are about 80 per cent dry in order to keep some moisture in there, and let the rest dry naturally. You'll be wanting a slight frizz if you want Vanessa's style, so we suggest ever so lightly combing through - gently so as not to break the curls. Use a hair spray to set and keep things neatly frizzy!

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