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Cover up your bruises

Cover up your bruises

Sometimes just a small knock or a hickie can cause a bruise, other times it’s an embarrassing fall leaving you black and blue. Whatever the case, if you bruise easily you can be left with some unsightly marks on your body which you probably don’t want on display.

Until they fade and disappear, here’s some advice on how to treat and cover them.


After the injury, apply ice as quickly as you can to prevent swelling and reduce pain. Hold the ice against the area for around 10 minutes and continue for around three times a day within the first 48 hours, as this is the vital period of treatment. You should avoid jumping in a hot shower at this time too as it will only irritate and cause the skin to bulge again.

Alternatively, you could wrap the bruised spot in a bandage to prevent swelling; just make sure it’s not so tight it cuts off circulation. Regularly move (if you can) and massage the affected area to increase blood flow and don’t be afraid to turn to pain relief like ibuprofen.

Natural remedies like witch hazel and arnica will help heal too, as will aloe vera and lavender oil.


Before applying cover-up products, you want to moisturise the area and let the moisture sink into your skin. Give it time, and gently dab any excess left if you’re in a rush to get going. Or, to get a really smooth, cosmetics-ready surface, apply a make-up primer to the spot, like L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Blur Cream or Topshop Beauty Airbrush Primer.

Next, pick your cover product. There are so many options available (MAC’s Select Cover-Up, CoverFX Total Cover Cream Foundation, Vichy Dermablend to name three). Pop some of your chosen product onto the centre of the bruise and gently work it out, either using your fingertip or a soft make-up brush to ensure even coverage. Blend until no lines remain and, if the mark is still visible, apply another thin layer accordingly and repeat. Make sure you’re gentle throughout the process - you don’t want to cause any more pain!

You’ll have to make sure the make-up stays in place though, so add a dusting of setting powder (NYX Professional Make-Up - Studio Finishing Powder – Translucent, NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder or Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder are good options) and use a large fluffy brush to coat the make-up.

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