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Colour correct your way to a brighter complexion

Colour correct your way to a brighter complexion

If you’re embarrassed by the constant flush of your cheeks, or face a daily battle to conceal dark circles, fear not, there is currently a surge of beauty brands developing products that promise to reduce redness, dark circles and sallow skin tones.

Colour theory states that using the opposite colour to correct will help to even out uneven skin pigmentation. And there are a host of brightly coloured cosmetics available that are designed to correct uneven tones, and can help to counteract and balance your skin tone.

It's not a cure-all, but if you’re troubled by daily dark circles, annoying blemishes, or city ravaged skin, a little clever application can reveal its transformative powers.

Colour correcting

Colour theory dictates that using the opposite colour on uneven skin pigmentation can counteract and balance your skin tone, and there are three simple ways to colour correct.

Green and yellow help to cover up redness in the skin, like blemishes or rosacea for light complexions, while red, peach, and oranges help with dark circles. If dull skin is your problem pink, violet and purple shades are the key to a flawless, brighter-looking complexion.

Darker skin tones will typically have hyperpigmentation and discolouration. To combat this, turn to oranges, peaches, bisques or other neutralising colours that will promote a more even look.

Correctors v Concealers

Correctors are slightly different from concealers, because instead of merely covering the problem area, a corrector neutralises the tone of the area. For example, if you have dark under eye circles, using a red or orange hue can cancel out the blue of the dark area. You can then cover it with your flesh-tone liquid foundation or sheer concealer. Always use a sheer concealer when you're layering over a corrector so the end product doesn’t look too thick, especially around the eyes.

Reducing redness

Women who suffer from rosacea, blemishes or a lot of general facial redness should go for a pink, lilac or green corrector. Go lightly when using correctors and apply product in thin layers so it won't show though foundation. NYX’s 3c palette - conceal, correct, contour, offers six shades including lilac, peach and green which is great for lighter skins, and Kiko Colour Correction Wheel offers five similar shades suitable for covering redness.

Disappearing dark circles

If dark circles are your problem area, using a pink, orange, red, peach or bisque colour corrector under eyes should combat the uneven tone depending on how fair or deep your complexion is.

Take a small amount of product such as Anastasia of Beverly Hills for lighter tones, or Bobbi Brown Very Deep Bisque, Bobbi Brown Dark Peach for darker skins and pat gently on top of your dark areas. Once you have applied concealer or foundation over the top, the darkness should completely disappear. These shades are also great for neutralising hyper pigmentation from scarring or sun damage. NYX 3c’s palette - conceal, correct, contour has six peach and caramel shades perfect for darker skins.

Brightening sallow skin

Dullness of complexion is usually most noticeable around the cheek area. Use a purple or lilac shade to counteract the yellow tones in your skin to help brighten your complexion. Just apply a thin layer to the face before your foundation. Then pat the foundation lightly over the corrector, without disturbing the correction. Using a beauty blender or a flat foundation brush, use a loose translucent powder to help you set it and you should be left with flawlessly even skin. YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer Violet Foundation is great for brightening mature complexions, Soap & Glory’s Kick-Ass Just Bright Concealer, is a lilac chubby stick designed to be used under foundation. Or Smashbox’s Photofinish Primer in Blend is apricot-toned and is great for evening out skin tone and counteracting discolouration and dark spots, and works well for darker skin tones.

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