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Cheap beauty on an empty purse

Cheap beauty on an empty purse

Splash all your cash on Christmas and New Year's celebrations? That doesn't mean your beauty routine should take a back seat as there's plenty of ways you can doll yourself up without having to buy new products.

You notice your foundation is running low, but payday is weeks away - what do you do? Those in the know turn to their moisturiser, and a key tip to making your foundation last longer is mixing it with your face cream. Not only are you nourishing your face, but you're also adding that coverage you desire. Experiment with ratio to find the perfect mixture and see how long your foundation will last after this!

You can also use some of your moisturiser as a DIY face scrub by simply adding some sugar crystals. Massage gently into damp, clean skin before washing off and dabbing dry.

As for replacing your broken or worn down blusher, we have a great earthy, homemade alternative. Beetroot - you either love it or hate it, but whatever the answer, it works wonder on your cheeks. If you don't have beetroot powder, thinly slice some fresh beets and pop them in the oven to slow roast until crispy, but still that deep purple colour. Alternatively, if you have the time, just let the slices dry out on your kitchen counter for a day or two. Use a grinder (like the one you'd use for coffee) and transform into a fine powder, then simply mix with normal, light-coloured flour to find the ride shade. Add cocoa if you need it deeper. It might sound like make-up from the Elizabethan times, but it's great for those after natural beauty products.

Cucumbers are another great beauty vegetable, and as well as putting slices on our eyes to freshen them up and banish dark circles, they also make a great natural toner. Simply add a few slices to an empty toner bottle filled with water, or your sink of water in the morning, and splash your face thoroughly.

Most importantly, eating well and regular exercise will give you a healthy, natural glow that beauty products will never be able to achieve. So as 2016 begins, consider lowering your beauty budget and focusing on your wellbeing to look beautiful instead.

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