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Cellulose skin saviour

Cellulose skin saviour

Could a gel derived from plants really be the answer to our ageing anguish?

Cellulose gel has been hailed as the antioxidant du jour, following claims it is highly effective at turning back the hands of time. Cosmetology dermatologist and anti-ageing expert John Hamilton has given us his view on the latest wonder ingredient.

“Cellulose gel is a substance derived from plants and has only recently been found to be a powerful antioxidant,” John told Cover Media. “It may even be superior to vitamins C and E because it is more stable and its effectiveness will not diminish as quickly. It’s what actually keeps plants and trees standing tall - it’s like a fibre.”

The skin specialist believes cellulose can “neutralise” the damage done by the free radicals we’re exposed to. He describes the substance as a super antioxidant, adding cellulose is able to combat harm because it penetrates deeper into skin.

“It doesn’t protect against free radicals in the way vital oils do. It heals and repairs damaged cells, so, it’s a great product to use at the end of the day. It’s more efficient than any other form of antioxidant because it smothers the free radicals. It is a scavenger so it goes looking for them,” John explained. “It contains all that is needed and in a form that is pure and un-tampered with. Unlike creams, which tend to sit on the epidermis i.e. the surface and just lubricate the outer layers, cellulose is easily absorbed by the skin.”

John, who is the formulator of organic vital oil based skincare range Natural Elements, urges people to start thinking about ageing once they turn 21. He insists that using protective oils in your early 20s will lead to much younger looking skin with minimal damage or wrinkles “right up to your 90s”. Even if you left your 20s behind some time ago, there is still hope for our frown lines.

“The skin is a repairing machine, so you can restore much of the damage if you catch it,” he added. “If you are 30-35 you will get almost 90 per cent repair, 35-45 about 70 per cent repair and after 45 about 50-60 per cent.

“The Natural Elements Intensive Face Gel contains crystalline cellulose; this key botanical ingredient massively absorbs free radicals in the skin. It's a great product to apply to skin whilst on holiday after extensive sun exposure.”

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