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Busting beauty rules

Busting beauty rules

Where's the fun in playing by the rules all the time? Make-up should be playful and creative and give you the freedom to express yourself. So if you're bored of playing it safe and want to branch out, maybe it's time to reconsider some old beauty guidelines.

Firstly, don't feel restricted to the female grooming product aisle. While some cleansers really are designed with men in mind (they usually have larger pores than women), other products are unisex.

Make-up artist to the stars Julia Carta recommends using Rehab London's Back to Matte Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel. It's great for ladies with oilier skin and also works as a primer - simply smooth it on before applying foundation and voila! Make-up that stays put all night.

We bet one of the first beauty rules you ever came across was to moisturise - probably as often as possible, with a super-rich product. However, it's not necessarily the way forward for everyone. Your skin can only absorb so much, the rest just sits there and doesn't do much (or worse, could clog your pores). Instead, get the consistency right by considering how dry your skin really is and how much moisture it needs. Simple's Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser is a wise choice for anyone with a normal/oilier complexion.

Even more controversial: many experts now say we shouldn't use any moisturiser whatsoever. Instead, try an oil or a serum and see how your skin responds.

We bet two of your night-out rules are: never wear an outfit that shows your legs AND cleavage and don't do bold eyes with lips. Well, maybe you CAN break the second one - you just have to do it right. The key here is to make sure the colours complement each other, which you can do by keeping a close eye on the tones you're using. Cooler shades work with other cooler shades, the same applies to warmer hues - play around and just see what you like. Another tip: keep cheeks soft. While a fuchsia blusher would be far too much with bold eyes and lips, soft pinks and peaches get a thumbs up.

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