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Brilliant blackcurrant beauty

Brilliant blackcurrant beauty

You're probably used to hearing about the latest superfoods you should be stuffing your meals with, but did you know there are some super ingredients which are great for beauty too? A little known one is blackcurrant seed oil, and here we take a look at why it can supercharge your skincare regime.

It's made by pressing blackcurrant seeds and is thought of as a healing oil because it's full of antioxidants, which protect the skin from free radicals. It can help with allergies and has been used to treat dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits. On top of that it's packed with vitamin C which is great for fighting signs of ageing in the skin.

Some people find blackcurrant oil supplements help their hair, as it's been known to combat thinning, frizz and splitting. As it's full of fatty acids it helps nourish hair follicles, but it shouldn't be rubbed straight on to hair as it can damage it when used that way.

So obviously one way to take this is via a supplement, but there are many products which include it too. Vitage Age Defence Power Skin Repair is a good place to start as it's a moisturiser which also protects from antioxidants. This means it's a great anti-ageing option and works to ease inflammation and redness, even for those with sensitive skin.

Blackcurrant seed oil is mixed with rosehip oil and aloe vera which work together to repair the skin's barrier and sooth any irritation. This one also has hyaluronic acid, so it packs a hydration punch too.

This Works' Perfect Skin Super Moisture has been created for people whose skin faces environmental stresses - for example, if you live in a city pollution will take an effect and blur your natural radiance. This should bring it back thanks to the high levels of vitamin C and the blackcurrant seed oil in it, plus it's a serum and moisturiser in one so is a time-saver too.

Another way to incorporate the ingredient is in hand care. As blackcurrant seed oil helps so much with inflammation and dryness it can work wonders on hands which have gnarled or cracked skin. Neal's Yard Citrus Hand Softener contains it along with avocado and coconut oil, both also known for their skin softening abilities.

Finally, what about that smell? Much as we all want our beauty products to work double time, the luscious scent of blackcurrants shouldn't be overlooked. If you like the light citrusy smell try Jimmy Choo Exotic, the new scent from the brand. It combines blackcurrant sorbet with pink grapefruit and raspberry and is the perfect choice for summer.

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