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Brighten your skin naturally

Brighten your skin naturally

So many beauty products promise to brighten your complexion, but many come in at a hefty price. Why not try to give your skin a glow without splashing out? Here are some ways to go about it.

Exfoliating your skin, all over, will allow it to catch more light, making it instantly glow more. It's not rocket science; when the dead cells are gone the new ones can shine and add a natural brightness, especially to your face.

Ceramides, which are waxy molecules, help hydrate and keep your skin's natural moisture barrier intact. When Sphingolipids - a class of lipids - are broken down into the amino acid sphingosine, it forms ceraminde. Sphingolipids are found in a lot of dairy products as well as eggs and soybeans, so incorporating these into your diet could also help your skin brighten. Don't go overboard with dairy though as there are also hormones which could block your pores found in the concentrated fat, so be wary! Moisturisers also include ceramides and want to know a secret? Lather some on while your skin is still damp to trap the moisture!

Vitamin C also helps keep skin clear and glowing, and diet comes into this as well. You'll find this antioxidant in all sorts, from potatoes and kiwi fruits to pineapples and cauliflowers, and it will help brighten any sun spots or sullen areas too.

There are other ways your complexion can be ruined and it can be to do with what it comes into contact with. Make-up brushes get full of germs and dirt so be sure to clean them regularly - the same goes for your phone! Give it a good wipe regularly so it won't transfer any bacteria and quit getting your fingers everywhere - they're just as dirty.

Another tip is to avoid washing your face with hot water, as this causes a mild burn and strips skin of natural essential oils.

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