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Break the beauty rules

Break the beauty rules

We’ve all got our well-worn beauty behaviours, from conditioning after shampooing to applying concealer then foundation. But some rules are meant to be broken, and re-jigging your beauty behaviour can save you time, as well as help to upgrade your old routine for a fresher, more flawless look. Throw out the rulebook and try these beauty switch-ups.

Condition first, shampoo later

Switching up your hair-washing routine, or reverse washing, is great for moisturising thirsty locks. If you have fine hair, swapping the order round is perfect as hair still gets all the moisturising benefits but you won’t be left with weighed-down lank locks.

Groom your eyebrows last

It’s easy to go overboard with the brow pencil, but brows frame the face and need to match the intensity of your eye shadow, blusher and lipstick. Try doing them last to ensure they complement the rest of your look.

Apply bronzer before blusher

If, like most women, you apply bronzer after your blusher - this is another rule to throw out. Bronzing powders and creams are meant to highlight your bone structure, so applying them first it will make it easier to find the best place to define the apples of your cheeks with blush.

Make-up eyes before foundation

Starting with your base is the norm, but it’s much more practical to apply eye shadow before the rest of your make-up. Cleaning up smoky eye smudges or colour that drifts onto your cheekbones is a lot easier then, as you can wipe it off easily without messing up your base.

Towel dry hair before conditioning

Excess water in your hair leaves conditioner unable to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver the necessary moisture. So after wetting your hair, quickly dry it with a towel before applying conditioner.

Do make-up before drying your hair

Hair should be at least 70 per cent dry before you attack it with a blow dryer. Keeping it wrapped up and doing your make-up before blow drying will save you effort and will limit your hair’s exposure to heat damage.

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