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Botox for sagging boobs

Botox for sagging boobs

Could Botox really be the answer to sagging breasts?

It was recently reported that women are opting for a new treatment dubbed ‘the Botox boob job’ following claims the procedure can lift and plump cleavage.

This non-invasive breast augmentation claims to be safer and quicker than traditional surgery.

Botox is injected into the pectoral muscles to temporarily relax them, meaning the shoulder and chest muscles take the strain.

The ‘Botox boob job’ apparently lasts for around six months and claims to work best for women with a cup size between A and C.

We’ve spoken to aesthetic expert Dr Joney De Souza to get his view on treatment.

“There has been a lot of talk about correcting breasts with Botox, but Botox doesn’t work in fatty tissue,” he told Cover Media. “It is not possible for Botox to lift breasts because they are not made of muscle, only fat. So, Botox will not have any effect there.”

Dr De Souza, from Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic in Marylebone, London, insists that while Botox can’t plump up the bust, it can be used in other ways around the area.

“It’s amazing when you inject it to relax a muscle, so it works well for décolletage, especially when you have fine lines,” he explained. “This is because there is a very thin muscle that runs along the jaw and chin and down to the breast area. This muscle band is pulling from the neck down and creates fine lines in the breast area and it will create folds when you press it. If you use Botox on this band it will relax really well, you won’t see any lines and the crepe effect will appear to reduce.”

A spokesperson for Save Face, which provides an impartial service to help people find a reputable cosmetic practitioner, is equally sceptical about the ‘Botox boob job’.

“Sagging breasts are not caused by muscle sagging, but by skin and ligaments stretching because of gravity and age,” the spokesperson told Cover Media. “Botox is a muscle relaxant so it is difficult to imagine how it would lift the breasts. If used to manipulate posture, the doses required and the long term risks have not been scientifically researched and certainly not proven.

“Surgery is well established, effective and remains the best treatment. Botox is certainly a wonder drug with many proven uses, this is not one of them.”

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