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Boost skin brightness

Boost skin brightness

It’s all very well hearing that light bases and a bright complexion are what’s the order of business this season, but what are you to do if your skin isn’t looking it’s best? If the thought of going for barely-there coverage fills you with dread, we might be able to help.

According to Clair Rose, who is the head of cosmetics at Dr LeWinn’s, your skincare routine needs to change before you alter your make-up. That means ensuring your exfoliate, as otherwise any radiance your achieve will be masked by dead skin cells. She recommends using a gentle exfoliator up to four times a week – nothing with big beads, chunks or kernels in it though as that can scratch skin. Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is gentle enough to be used all the time – all you have to do is add water and whip the granules up into a light foam (not a paste!). When you apply you’ll know if you have it right as you won’t feel any grains.

Next you want to use a hydrating mask a minimum of once a week. If you have oily or combination skin you can of course use something meant for those types too, but going for a moisturising one won’t make your skin greasy it’ll just ensure it is really plump. Superfacialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask is suitable for even those with sensitive skin and was created by renowned facialist Una Brennan. After one use your skin will look quenched.

“Oil/serums – my new favourite kinds of moisturiser,” Clair continued to Cover Media. “I love to slather my face in oil especially on a non- make up day! My skin looks, and feels hydrated, softer and fresher as the moisture gets to work. I swear by Dr Lewinn’s Miracle Radiance Serum £41.00 and use it all over my face, neck and décolleté every day.”

If you follow this routine your skin will thank you for it, although obviously we’re all susceptible to the occasional breakout. Make-up artist Maria Papadopoulou advises using witch hazel if you have spots, as it’s great as a toner.

In turn, cosmetics guru Julia Carta is a fan of the Proactiv range which is supposed to target and wipe out blemishes, as well as reducing visible pores and helping with redness. Make-up wise Julia suggests the Sheer Cover StudioTM mineral make-up collection, because it is lightweight and lets skin breathe.

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