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Bold but practical nails

Bold but practical nails

Extreme manicures look amazing but are hardly practical when it comes to everyday tasks like making food, using a keyboard at work and washing your hair.

You can still make a statement through your nails without going over the top though, as we’ve spoken to some beauty experts about how to make your fingertips pop while keeping them useable! And, as you’ll find out, it’s not about gems and length.

Georgia McKelvie, Nail Technician at Pouts & Pinups salon in Scotland, praises the geometric nail as one of the most popular options at the moment and with fashion houses like Missoni, with Gigi Hadid rocking the look, it’s no surprise it’s moved onto fingertips too.

“There are so many different geometric patterns and prints that can be designed on the nails, such as a kaleidoscope nail design or nail design using chevrons,” Georgia told Cover Media of her idea for a bold nail look that can be pulled off. “For these designs a variety of colours and glitter can be used and the outcome is timeless and chic.”

Vivienne Curran, Senior Therapist at Scotland’s KAM Hair and Body Spa, is also all for the patterns, suggesting graphic nails as a great extreme look. As for what comes under the graphic category Vivienne lists everything from drawings to intricate designs, adding, “This trend is fun and is a great look for those who like to have something a bit quirkier on the nails.”

Another bold statement is marbled nails, which Vivienne notes may be more difficult to create but the outcome is “stunning”.

“Instead of using one block colour, this design allows you to select a number of colours for more creative, quirky nails,” she shared.

Georgia also tipped chrome as a great everyday option which is different from the norm, “but not too ‘out there’”. Shades Georgia suggests are rose gold or a gunmetal option, noting the more mirrored and polished the finish, the better.

As for how you can keep your nails in tip-top shape after they’re done, Manjul Treohan, founder of So Me Beauty, has some great advice.

“Avoid hand sanitiser as products like this can make your hands and nails dry, which can cause brittle nails that are prone to peeling,” she shared. “When the colour wears out, applying a glitter nail polish on top can help prolong the wear.”

She also recommends using cuticle oil on a daily basis to maximise the amount of time your fingertips look fabulous, adding, “A gentle scrub is great for removing dry skin around your nails and will keep you nails looking fresher for longer.”

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