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Bobby pin hacks

Bobby pin hacks

Bobby pins; you'll find them in the strangest of places, like down the side of your sofa or on your bedroom floor. For such little hair accessories there's a lot you can do with them other than just pinning a bit of hair back which won't stay in place!

Before anything, you need to ensure you're wearing bobby pins the right way up - the wavy side rests against your head to give you more grip. Though if you find it hard to keep them in place, you can flip them over so the straight side is beneath.

Still struggling to get them to stay put? Give them a quick spritz with dry shampoo or talcum powder, basically anything to prevent the pins from sliding about. Apply it to the inside of the bobby pin before fastening into your tresses and fingers crossed this should see it stay still for longer.

Now onto some of the many uses of them. The assumption often made about bobby pins is that they're worn underneath ponytails to keep the strays under control, but you can incorporate them in so many ways (without them even being noticed!).

Add extra height to your ponytail by inserting a couple of pins inside the elastic of your scrunchie facing downwards towards your crown. Simply style your ponytail with a comb to give it volume and flip it over the pins to hide them, and you'll be left with a stable and high finish.

You can also use bobby pins to create a faux bob. This works best with wavy hair as it disguises the pins holding your tresses up better - just tuck your ends under and pin them up to decrease your overall length. Add hairspray to keep everything neat and convincing.

It isn't just hair where bobby pins come in handy though as they're also great tools to use for nail art. Their delicate and small tips make them the perfect piece to add dots to your fingertips, or stripes.

Or perhaps you're struggling to find something small enough to apply glue to your false lashes? Use a bobby pin to slick the adhesive on without making a mess.

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