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Best up-dos for autumn

Best up-dos for autumn

Sweaters, boots, jackets, leggings - it’s time to take them out from hiding and utilise them to their full potential. But revamping your style isn’t just limited to your clothing; it spans your make-up and hair too.

Just like beachy waves are perfect for the summer, this season has its perfect styles for your locks, so here are some of the best ways to embrace the spirit of falling leaves and cosy jackets with easy up-dos for the next month.

Headband Bun

Headbands aren’t just for pulling your hair out of your face - they can also help hold your locks up. This up-do is versatile, as it can be worn during the day at work or while running errands, but can take you through to night. The key is to choose your headband wisely. Like statement necklaces, headbands become the main focus of your hair and we find elasticated versions work best.

First, place the headband on as you would normally, but keep it on top of your hair. It should be at an angle, so that the sides of the headband are covering your ears. Next, take a section from the front, twist it and tuck the end into the back of your headband. Do the same with the other side. This should leave you with a large section directly down the middle on your back. Roll it up and tuck that chunk into the headband. Apply bobby pins and hairspray as necessary to keep in place.

Braid Crown

For a classic look, the milkmaid braid is a go-to up-do - and simple at that. Separate your hair down the middle into two low pigtails. Braid each section and secure with clear elastics. Take one braid and pull up over your head and bobby-pin to the other side, about an inch back from your hairline. Repeat with the other braid, but position it behind the first.

Faux Bob

Bobs and 'Lobs' (Long Bobs) are all the rage this year but if you don’t want to commit to getting rid of the hair you’ve been growing for years, you can try out another trend: the faux bob. Start by curling your hair with a narrow-barrelled curling iron and then lightly tease the curls with a bristled brush. Start with the longer sections and curl them around your fingers. Pin them under so it’s close to the nape of your neck, and secure with bobby pins. Pull out the shorter sections of the top layers to give it a messier edge.

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