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Best shades for brown eyes

Best shades for brown eyes

If you’re the Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison sings about, then you’ll want the world to know about it. Without realising it, you could be hiding your peepers away with the wrong make-up - applying shades that distract rather than showcase. So listen up brown eyed beauties, as we’ve put together a guide on the best make-up to enhance your pupils.

An unlikely place to start is blue, as while it will contrast with your eyes entirely, a blue shadow will make the whites seem brighter and the pupils seem more intense, leaving onlookers dizzy with awe. You’ll have to be careful about what blue you choose depending on your skin colour, with pale complexions better suited to a royal while darker tones can rock navy without it washing them out. Or, if you’re not brave enough for the shadow, try eyeliner, neatly lining your upper lash line thin for subtlety or thick and bold to make a statement.

Copper is a warmer option closer to the brown, and with colour this applied on your eyelids, any flickers of gold or copper in your eyes will be reflected beautifully. Pair with dark brown eyeshadow and mascara to keep the finish warm rather than dramatic with black lashes, and to add a fun touch for the evening why not try applying a little gold dust to the corners of your eyes for definition and even more sparkle.

You could even go all out with the gold, giving your eyes an extreme glisten with a golden eyeshadow or eyeliner. It doesn’t have to be a deep shade; keep it light so it’s more wearable and less party animal.

A more neutral shade isn’t off the table either, with salmon the perfect option for a natural looking finish. Blend with a silver eyeshadow along the crease to make your eyes seem brighter and wider, and your pupils more dense.

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