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Bespoke beauty

With so much information readily available these days, beauty companies have to up their game to impress. It's not enough to pump products full of the latest 'must-have' ingredients; we want targeted moisturisers and serums which will really make a difference. That's why a new trend of bespoke beauty products is starting to gain traction, and it looks set to mushroom in 2016.

One of the most interesting offerings comes from Palette London, a nail polish company which provides tailor made colour straight to your door. The idea is that you send a swatch of a shade you love, whether it's the colour of your favourite dress or something from a magazine, and the company will provide a pot of varnish which matches. There are options to add in base and top coats, and while it's not cheap (starting at around 69 euro), it's still a fun idea for a one-off event like a wedding.

More affordable are The Body Shop's new Shade Adjusting Drops, pots of colour designed to help those who struggle to find a foundation match. The lighter ones are for those who find their base is often too dark or orange, while the darker ones help people who find foundation too ashy. Adding one drop to a light/medium coverage foundation changes the tone by half a shade. Eyeko has taken the idea even further with its custom made mascara, which allows the shopper to mix and match a range of brush types and formulations until they find the perfect fit.

If hair's more your jam you're in luck as this is where companies have really come into their own. Those who like the luxury of heading to a salon should check out Kérastase Fusio-Dose, a treatment which will be mixed up especially to your hair's needs by your stylist. These are good for people who don't fall into the simple dry/oily/coloured categories as you get to treat two concerns at once, such as coloured hair which is also prone to breakage or needs to be smoother. It's a similar idea to the Concoction brand, which allows you to fully customise shampoo and conditioner. You can pick everything from the scent to the hair colour you want to care for and the treatment you want to focus on - adding volume, caring for curls etc.

If it's colour you're interested in eSalon could be worth a look. This company provides custom-created dye straight to your door, meaning lengthy stays in a salon are a thing of the past. The first step is to create a hair profile online, which will help you find a shade that's going to work with your colouring. An expert then checks to make sure what's required is achievable, after which the bespoke dye is formulated and sent to you.

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