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Belfast model Reilly wants Playboy shoot before her 21st birthday

Playboy hopeful Reilly Jones
Playboy hopeful Reilly Jones
Reilly Jones
Reilly Jones

Model Reilly Jones has her heart set on the perfect 21st birthday present – her picture in Playboy.

The Belfast beauty has been invited to work for the iconic glamour mag and every penny from her modelling fees is being invested in her dream.

And the 20-year-old says her success will put to rest the cruel taunts from schoolmates.

Reilly suffered jibes because of her height, her hair and her cleavage from the age of 12.

But when they became the features that made her a model she decided to leave the insults behind.

“I wouldn’t call it bullying, just girls being nasty,” says Reilly.


“I got called lanky and rubber lips. I got nasty remarks about my red hair. At about 12 I had D cup boobs and you can’t really cover them up.


“As a result of that I didn’t do very well in my GCSEs, and it got to the point where I hardly left the house, and I definitely wouldn’t go out without make up.


“That’s why when I started modelling at 17 I just got on and did it. When people are being horrible you have more motivation to prove them wrong.”

It was a pal who suggested Reilly take up the career and the statuesque teen found she had a talent for it.

“My friend said I’d get work because of my height and I signed up with the Ann Connor agency.

“From I was a little girl I always loved dressing up and strutting around. I loved being the centre of attention.”

Reilly has walked at runway shows, fashion shoots and promotions but after trying out different areas of the industry decided that she preferred glamour modelling.

She’s worked with photographers all over Ireland, including the Model Mayhem website and it was an offer from Playboy online that caused the most excitement.

“It was through Instagram I got a message from the girl who looks after the website who invited me over to do pictures.

“She suggested I should work with a photographer called Sam Rhima who does a lot of work for them so it’s just a case of getting the money together to go and see him.

“I’ve had offers from other American magazines but Playboy is the one that glamour models want to work with. I know it’s a cliché but doing anything with Playboy is seen as an achievement.”

Reilly also has a day job in the care industry after completing her NVQs in health and social care.

“I did a beauty therapy course as well but I’d always said I wanted other people doing my make-up rather than me doing theirs.”

She has the backing of a family who are right behind her glamour dreams and have helped the young Belfast woman overcome any pre-shoot nerves.

“Dad knows I’ll go after my dreams anyway and he’s really supportive, and Mum drives me everywhere. If I’m nervous before a job she’s the one who tells me to just get on and get the work done.

“She’s right. Once you get over your nerves I really enjoy the work – standing around in your bikini or your underwear is fine.

“My boyfriend has also been a big support. It’s nice to have someone tell you that you’re beautiful with or without make up.”

Reilly is determined to make the most of her modelling assets in an industry where careers can be short-lived and plans to make her international debut within the year.

“I want to get my name out there because there aren’t many agencies now which cater for glamour models and I’ve had to go after work myself.

“I would love to take my modelling career as far as it will go. I haven’t had any surgery at all and want to show that you can still be natural, curvaceous and sexy without looking like a plastic doll!

“My plan is to be in Playboy when I’m 21 – and I’d be old enough to celebrate with a drink in America!” says the model.

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