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Beauty tips for girls with glasses

Beauty tips for girls with glasses

There are plenty of ways to accentuate your features if you wear glasses.

Whoever said ‘guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses’ obviously didn’t know about our top beauty tips. If you’ve just started wearing glasses, or if you’ve been wearing them for years, a few subtle changes can make all the difference. Mary O’Harrington, make-up artist for Gina Conway Privé, insists there’s no need for pretty eyes to get lost behind lenses.

“When wearing glasses, the focus of your eye make-up should be your eyeliner and your brows,” Mary told Cover Media. “For the eyeliner, make sure it’s defined with either liquid or cream based eyeliner (the latter applied with a brush). With a little practice these eyeliners can make your eye really defined. The thickness of the line should depend on your frames - the thinner the frame would mean you should keep the line thinner as well to balance.

“For those finding it difficult to see to put make-up on with your glasses off, don’t try to be precise with a liquid eyeliner, opt for a soft smudgy kohl for ease.”

Mary says that brows should be perfectly groomed to give your face more definition and show off your glasses. Any patchy areas can be filled in with a pencil or powder based product. Try defining brows with a pencil if they are very fair, as this will help to highlight your eyes.

The right mascara can really make your peepers stand out in the crowd.

“It is somewhat of a myth that mascara is not needed when wearing glasses as it can stick to your lenses. A good quality mascara can work really well,” eye experts from Optical Express ( told Cover Media. “A decent product that helps to volumise and lengthen your lashes will only help to bring out your eyes behind your glasses. If you still don’t want to use mascara on your eyes, an eyelash curler is really simple to use and can create almost the same effect as mascara instantly, without the risk of any smudge.

“A handy tip is to run your eyelash curler under warm water before use for longer-lasting results, as the warmth helps boost the curl.”

When it comes to eyeshadow, sometimes less is more for bespectacled beauties.

Colours can be magnified depending on your prescription, so start off subtly and build up hues for added drama if you wish.

“As for eyeshadow I would keep the colours in tone with the colour of the frames,” Mary advised. “Don't bring the colour above the frame line either, keep the color on the lid only.”

Certain eyeshadows can get lost behind your frames, so it’s a good idea to define your eyes with a blend of golds and browns. If you have coloured frames, you could also experiment with eyeshadows that complement them.

Finally, while less is more in the case of eyeshadow, the opposite is true for the lip area. This is your chance to make a statement, so feel free to pick the most vibrant colour available.

“A great make-up tip for those with glasses is to invest in a bright lipstick,” Mary added. “This instantly brightens up the face and ensures a statement look. Keep the rest of the make-up blended, using the right base and a blusher to brighten up the face.”

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