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Beauty problems solved: Hydration

Beauty problems solved: Hydration

Skin looking dull? It could be lacking hydration. Worried fine lines are becoming more pronounced? You need hydration. Have dry patches, a tight feeling or find your make-up disappears during the day? All signs you need more hydration. One of the problems with skin which is lacking in water is that people presume it's dry, so start piling on rich creams. This actually does nothing to solve the problem because dehydrated skin already has enough oil in it - it's water that it's desperate for.

One of the key things you can do if your skin has lost its plumpness is to address your diet. Drinking enough water is key to keeping your skin looking clear and full because your body's organs need H20 to function properly. If there isn't enough swilling around your body it'll pull it from your skin, as that's deemed an area which needs it but not vitally, causing the tight feeling we've all suffered from at some point.

So what can be done? First up, pick the right products. Dehydrated skin is best treated using a serum for the condition, as these creams are lighter than moisturisers and are able to penetrate skin better. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum and Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum are both reasonably-priced options which do the job well, even on sensitive skins. Then you should try a treatment to supercharge the moisture in your skin, so a hydrating mask - SuperFacialist and Clarins have good ones - is a good idea. Verso’s Deep Hydration Mask promises moisture for 120 hours, and contains a vitamin A complex which should help with collagen production and fine lines.

Along the treatment lines but slightly different is Sarah Chapman's Skinesis Intense Hydrating Booster, which is designed to help with wrinkles and skin crepiness which are telltale signs of dehydration. It's also good for stressed, dry and unbalanced skin - basically anyone who's been suffering with the chilly weather in winter.

Finally, it's good to prep skin properly before you apply make-up. If your skin is really dehydrated you'll notice your foundation goes patchy during the day as your skin sucks all the water out of it. To combat this use a lightweight and hydrating primer underneath your base, such as the new Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer.

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