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Beauty is pain? Not anymore!

Beauty is pain? Not anymore!

From waxing to threading, Botox to peels, there is one thing many beauty treatments have in common: pain. Obviously the ouch factor varies from person to person, but it has to be said that having hair ripped out (or sewn in) is never going to be that enjoyable. Or is it? In fact there's a new trend emerging in the industry, one which sees beauty being about pleasure rather than pain. Here we look at some of the new treatments which are leading the way, leaving their agonising predecessors in the shade.


Many women have a pathological fear of even the idea of laser hair removal. We all know that even if it helps get rid of regrowth for good, the painful payoff just isn't worth it - right? These days that couldn't be further from the truth thanks to the Soprano ICE system. This has been hailed as the most effective and comfortable laser hair removal system ever and can be used on even difficult to access areas like the eyebrows, upper lip and inner ears. It can be used on all skin and hair types and is almost completely pain free. In fact, the only 'ouch' moments you'll get is if you haven't shaved the area short enough. The laser has a special cooling sapphire tip, which helps beat the burn - to find a salon in your area check out


Still too nervous to give laser hair removal a go? Then you could try a dose of 'relaxing waxing' courtesy of Gina Conway. The salon mixes aromatherapy with hair removal, so people are given a massage with essential oils beforehand. The wax itself is called Lycon Azulene which comes from chamomile, among other things, and has anti-inflammatory effects. Overall, the idea is that the more relaxed you are the less the sting.

Teeth whitening

The issue with trying to get a bright smile is sensitivity. Years ago people reported severe pain after a treatment, and that's left many people too terrified to give it a go. But a new range of whitening process takes the pain out of the treatment, while still promising to lighten to shade B1. It's called Enlighten Teeth Whitening, and dentist Dr. Rhona Eskander at the Chelsea Dental Clinic in London recommends it for anyone worried about sensitivity. It's a tray treatment which you do on your own after having moulds made, but it comes with special toothpaste you apply for two weeks beforehand. This serum paste has the active ingredient found in tooth enamel, so it helps restore and repair your enamel and minimises sensitivity too.

Failing that, there are many home kits to get stuck into. One of the most interesting is the iWHITE 2 Instant Teeth Whitening Kit, which promises to lighten the shade of your teeth while also resorting enamel. As traditional teeth whitening can cause an increase in sensitivity this is a big plus point - just pop the trays in for five days in a row and see your smile brighten.

Hair extensions

You might not think that adding to your locks could be excruciating, but just watch a makeover edition of America's Next Top Model and you'll find out it hurts. A lot. That's because hair needs to be super tightly braided before a traditional weave can be added, which leaves the scalp feeling tight and almost swollen. You may not be able to move your head properly and even sleeping can be an issue. So instead, try the new kid on the block: hair tapes. These are extensions which are just stuck into your existing hair to give volume and body. Who said no pain no gain?

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