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Beauty hacks for lazy girls

Beauty hacks for lazy girls

Many women are comfortable with their beauty regime - after all, doing it every day pretty much makes you an expert. But there are some ways you can make it easier for yourself, especially if you're in a rush first thing in the morning.

Moisturise overnight

Get yourself a good overnight moisturiser that will sink into your skin as you sleep, leaving you with a nourished and bright complexion when you wake up. It will also save valuable time in the morning as you won't have to sit and wait for your cream to sink in before you apply make-up – you will have the perfect base already.

Apply eye make-up first

If you currently put your make-up on in order, beginning with a base, you may want to switch things up as chances are you're ruining your flawless base with specks of eyeshadow and mascara. Use foundation, concealer or any other base product around your eyes alone, complete your look and continue to perfect the rest of your face afterwards. This will leave you with even coverage and a picture perfect finish.

Use a nude pencil to highlight

Not feeling confident enough to buy a highlighting product? Don't worry, as a nude lip or eye pencil will do the same job. Draw lines on areas you want to highlight, such as the bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow to perfect your pout or at the centre of your forehead, and blend in. You'll notice a difference immediately.

Use eyeliner as a lip liner

That's right - you don't need to buy a matching colour lip liner to keep your lipstick in place. Eyeliners in grey, black or deep purple work beautifully against deep red or wine shades, and will make your lips really pop. Perhaps don't use such dark colours for lighter shades - light grey is close to nude though and will complement nude and peach tones.

Set your make-up

To save you topping up on your foundation or eye make-up throughout the day, spritz on a little make-up setting spray before you head out of the house. This will ensure your busy schedule won't be slowed down by regular touch ups, especially in the summer months when the heat takes its toll on your look.

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