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Beauty for mums

Beauty for mums

While you were carrying your little bundle for nine months you no doubt had time to leisurely peruse products ideal for expectant mums. From creams to soothe your stretch marks, to itchy nipples sorted, you had it all. But now the baby's actually here, you're run ragged, sleep deprived and just generally lacking your usual spark. Well we've done the searching for you and have found the ideal new mum beauty heroes.


Fine lines on your face can be attributed to laughter, but those purple circles under your eyes can only ever be blamed on lack of sleep. Nightly feeds, baby crying and partner snoring will not make for a well-rested mummy. But grab a tube of Time Bomb's Black Ops Dark Circle Rescue and all will be well. The cream is designed to protect the delicate eye area where tiny broken capillaries can appear as dark circles. Rescue tired eyes in a matter of seconds. Never underestimate the power of a great concealer to hide tired skin either.


Gone are the days where you'd wash your hair every other day, and wouldn't dare step out of the house with greasy roots showing. Now it's more like shampoo? Bath? What are they? And if someone even mentions the idea of getting your hair coloured, you laugh in their face. Well fear not (former) hair lovers! Charles Worthington has recognised the fact new mums have no time for themselves. The brand's Instant Root Concealer is perfect for yummy mummies who can't get to the salon, or are worried about hair dye after birth.

While your newborn baby will be the light of your life, post-pregnancy our bodies can take a bit of a hit. One common problem is postpartum hair loss, something that can be very upsetting to have to endure. Hair Today's Hair Building Fibres has proved really popular in treating the condition. The product not only fills any fine spots and covers larger areas, but will also enhance your hair style by adding thickness and volume to your finished look.


As well as your now deflated stomach, if you've undergone a caesarean then your body is going to be looking completely different to how it did nine months ago. Your C section scar may remind you of your baby, but that doesn't mean you're keen on the red line running across your tummy. Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Skin Rehab Scar Minimising Cream is fast becoming a favourite to tackle the problem and is best used when the scar is sealed and healing (though it will also work on existing scars). Extracts of St John’s Wort and onion help reduce inflammation, while calendula and yarrow extracts assist in the healing process and to alleviate pain. The added arnica helps to improve skin elasticity and softness.

And nothing will make you feel like a million dollars like a golden glow. Madame LA LA's self tan mousse is packed full of coco water, aloe, green tea and vitamin E, so not only will you look and feel like a bronzed goddess, your skin will be well hydrated too. Plus everybody knows that a tan can instantly make you look slimmer.

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