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Beach make-up

Beach make-up

We do our best to look good in our day to day life, making sure we don't leave the house without a little help from our cosmetics. And the same approach should be taken on our holidays too. While we certainly don't mean sporting a full face of make-up as you lay on your lounger, a few beach-friendly products can make you look good in an understated way.

Obviously going to sunnier climes throws up some issues: foundation sliding off your face in the heat, mascara running into your eyes, and lipstick melting from your mouth. But thankfully brands are coming up with more and more products that can combat these pesky problems and leave you looking like a sunkissed goddess throughout your trip.

The first thing to arm yourself with is a foundation, BB cream or CC cream that contains some SPF to protect your skin from the harshness of the sun's rays. Foundations provide a heavier coverage than BB or CC creams so if you want something a little more lightweight, these could be your best options. As well as taking into account what shade you need for your skin, you also need to check what level of SPF is inside the tube as it can vary from SPF 10 to 25. If you're fairer skinned or burn easily, go for the higher number in the correct shade.

Waterproof products are a must too when it comes to beach make-up. Obviously waterproof mascaras are well known and you should definitely have one in your cosmetics bag to make sure your peepers stand out in the glare of the sun. But you can now get additional waterproof items such as blusher, which can add a hint of colour to your cheeks, something that could be particularly essential in the first few days of your trip when you're still pale.

If you're going to a beach party and want to add a little more make-up than you normally would in the day time, it could be a good idea to use a primer on your face and your eyelids to hold your chosen colour in place.

Another area that needs plenty of protection is your lips. Thankfully a number of brands have created lipsticks which not only provide that fab pop of colour, but SPF too. So your lips can be getting the moisture they need while looking great at the same time: win-win.

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