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Be the cream of the eyeshadow crop

Be the cream of the eyeshadow crop

If your eyes are the central focus of your make-up look, it’s key to have some variety. We don’t just mean the amount of shades you have either, but the types of shadow that you use. While powder has been the go-to format for women for decades, cream eyeshadows are catching them up fast.

The plus point to creamy varieties is that they usually come with a slightly shimmery base. This is great for both day and night looks: if you’re wearing just one shade for a more natural look, it won’t look too flat, while for a night, the shimmer will add some drama to proceedings.

Another major tick in the cream eyeshadow box is that it doesn’t crease as much as powder shadows. This is a big deal if you’re a fan of blending lots of colours because there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve created a dramatic eye look only to find it’s sunk into the crease of your eyelid within an hour of heading out the door.

Speaking of blending, cream eyeshadows can be blended just as easily as their powder counterparts. You just need to make sure you choose the right shades to complement each other, and if you want to add extra depth to your look, you can layer some powder shadow over the top of the creamy base.

Cream eyeshadows generally rule out the need for an eye primer too, saving you money, and many of them are waterproof, which helps give your look longevity.

If you suffer from dry lids, cream shadows are definitely the way to go, as they have more moisture and won’t draw attention to any flakiness around your eye area.

An important thing to remember: don't use a cream eyeliner at the same time, as your lids won’t be as clearly defined. Instead, go for a kohl pencil to create the shape you are after.

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