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Be a brown-eyed girl

Be a brown-eyed girl

Brown might not sound like the most exciting shade of eyeshadow to buy when you think of the large colour spectrum we have to choose from, but it's actually one of the most versatile shades that a woman can own. This is because it suits every skin tone and is flattering no matter what your age. Brown hues can help create a timeless look, so while some colours come and go in popularity depending on the latest trends, brown will never go out of style. It can be worn light and simple for a day look, or heavier for a more dramatic evening take. A brown palette of varying shades is also great to create a smokey eye to mix things up from the more obvious black hues that everyone goes for.

If you want a simple, quick look, use two shades of brown, one light, one dark. Take the lighter one and sweep it across your lid and then blend the darker one into the crease. If you want a more dramatic look, blend multiple shades from light to dark from the inner corner of your eye outwards. Add eyeliner over the top or use shades that have a shimmery finish for added drama and depth.

If you want to choose shades that best match your skin tone, here are some suggestions:

Pale/Fair - soft browns, light mochas, mushroom and raisin.

Olive - tan, caramel, terracottas, espresso, and mushroom.

Dark - champagne, copper, bronze, espresso

Your eye colour can also dictate exactly what shades of brown you should go for. If you have blue eyes, try warm browns, copper, and purple-based browns as this will make them look even bluer. Meanwhile green eyes should focus on purple-based browns and brown eyes should consider purple and copper-based browns to complement any flecks of colour you have within that.

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