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Bath oils for indulgent bathing

Bath oils for indulgent bathing

Showers may be the quickest option for getting clean, but the ritual of soaking in a tub is great for de-stressing after a long day.

Bathing has always featured in the beauty routines of some of the world's most iconic beauties, such as Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt, who famously soaked in donkey milk to preserve her skin.

However, modern bath oils have come a long way, so don't go milking the donkey just yet! Not only will they leave skin soft and moisturised, but bath oils can also help to soothe aching muscles, relieve tension and see off colds with their infusions of peppermint and lavender.

Target the tension

If you want to use your bath time to target relaxation and aching muscles, Olverum’s luxurious bath oil is a great option. The therapeutic bath oil contains 10 pure essential oils which are formulated to soothe your tired body after a long day, and its fragrance comes from a combination of pine, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, juniper and rosemary. While a few drops can be added to your bath, it can also be applied directly to the skin for use as a massage oil.

Ease aching muscles

Arnica extract has been recognised for its invaluable natural properties since the 16th century. And Nelsons Arnicare Bath Massage Balm is enriched with the stuff to target aching, sore muscles. It can be added to your bath or used as a massage balm.

While Magic Organic Apothecary’s Fortifying Bath Potion is loaded with peppermint, detoxifying fennel, fir needle and sweet birch to ease achy muscles and help to tone and soften the skin. It also comes in a handy single-shot size which is perfect for travel.

Hydrate and heal

Lola’s Apothecary have a range of five gorgeous bathing oils created with quality essential oils such as rose, geranium, sandalwood and sweet almond oil to boost cell turnover and promote skin healing. It’s suitable for sensitive skin, and can be used in both the bath and the shower to wash away the day’s tension. And luxury ethical brand Gaia’s Awakening Body Oil also has a great formula, including the likes of organic sunflower, jojoba oil and Vitamin E to delicately moisturise skin.

Soak and soothe

For their bathroom appeal alone, Zephorium’s luxurious aromatherapy bath oils in their pretty coloured bottles are a winner. With eight signature scents to choose from, the oils combine aromatherapy with potentised crystals to rebalance the Chakras. The Base Chakra is an aromatic blend of ylang-ylang and patchouli, while Crown Chakra will calm with its combination of lavender and geranium. Kerstin Florian Aromatherapy bath and body oils also feature organic essential oils, like lavender, ginger and rosemary, which help to invigorate or wind down, depending on your chosen scent.

You can apply the oil directly to the skin after bathing to lock in moisture and leave skin silky smooth. Happy bathing!

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