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Banish lacklustre locks

Banish lacklustre locks

When Kate Moss declares one of her style rules is "always clean hair" you'll begin to see how important your locks are. Dirty tresses can instantly ruin an outfit, plus who hasn't felt their confidence take a knock after a dodgy cut?

Glossy locks are the holy grail; we're talking shiny and smooth hair which glows with health. Obviously it's important to use the right products to care for tresses, plus weekly deep conditioning treatments and masks are a must. But what if your hair is still a little lacklustre? Here we check out some other ways to give it a boost.

First up it's time to think vitamins. There are many which are essential for strong locks, with vitamin A one of the key choices. It's full of antioxidants which keeps your scalp healthy, fights free radicals and pollution which might weaken strands and keeps your hair strong so it doesn't snap. Vitamin B complex is good if you worry about thinning hair (iron is a must if you have this problem too, so make sure you eat a lot of red meat, eggs, pulses and green vegetables), plus it helps it grow, promotes shine and can even cuts greys. Vitamin E helps with blood circulation so also makes sure your scalp is healthy (try splitting a capsule and rubbing into your scalp for a super-charged treatment), and folic acid helps hair grow in strength and look shiny and moisturised.

You could also test drive a supplement specially for hair, depending on the issue you're most concerned with. Nourkrin Woman supports growth, so it's good for anyone worried their hair is thinning or falling out. It's a drug-free supplement which helps normalise and maintain locks' growth cycle, which can often be what's thrown out of whack when you experience these problems. If you're more about giving your hair body and shine try something like Imedeen Hair and Nails, which contains B vitamins and other ingredients to help hair look nourished and feel strong.

If you're not keen on taking tablets, think about the tools you're using. We all know too much heat isn't good, but using the wrong brush can wreak havoc on your locks too. The new AirMotion brush is designed to be especially gentle, meaning it penetrates all your hair without causing excess breakage like many others do because it absorbs more of the strain. And don't make the mistake of thinking you need to stick to the old wives' tale of 100 strokes a day either, brushing that much will likely cause breakage.

Finally, think about your food. Too much sugar causes problems with your skin and also isn't great for your hair. What does work well is L-cysteine, an amino acid found in egg yolks which optimises keratin production. That's essential for healthy hair because it's the outer layer that protects each strand and damage to it is what makes hair look brittle and dry. So better get stuck into some omelettes!

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