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Banish hangover skin

Banish hangover skin

What could be better than a long, balmy evening spent in your local beer garden or on holiday, drink in hand and enjoying good company? But unfortunately the morning after the night before might not look so rosy, especially when it comes to your skin. That's because alcohol dehydrates, leaving your skin sallow and tired looking. Luckily we have some tips on hand for beating a hangover and restoring that glow.

Jill Zander, founder of the Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic,, recommends kicking the day off with a cold-hot-cold shower and a spot of exfoliation.

"Exfoliating is a great way to rid the skin of the dull, partied-out look, revealing fresh, glowing and smooth skin. For your body, keep a pair of exfoliating mitts in the shower at the ready as these will really get your circulation going which will help you feel more awake too," she advised Cover Media.

It's likely your complexion will need a little boost too, so how about a super-easy DIY facial massage?

"Apply moisturiser in firm circular motions to help stimulate blood flow and give your skin a rosy glow," Jill revealed.

For your massage, try the Daily Glow Moisturiser, which is infused with antioxidant vitamins, sunflower seed oil, nut oils and flower extracts. It doubles skin's moisture levels for eight hours and illuminates to restore that healthy glow.

Use an exfoliator on your face, then finish off with a radiance booster (such as Clarins Radiance Plus) applied on top of your moisturiser.

For hungover eyes, Jill recommends the Guinot Masque Yeux Instant Eye Mask, which brightens and hydrates the delicate skin around your peepers.

"De-puffing eye creams do wonders – look for one that deals with dark under eye circles. For bloodshot eyes, have two chamomile tea bags wet and refrigerated, or a trusty chilled teaspoon on standby. When you wake up, hit the snooze button for five minutes and let these quick-fix treats de-puff your tell-tale party bag eyes," Jill continued.

"Relieve under eye bags by gently massaging the area: this helps disperse the fluid. Use your index finger to massage in a circular direction from the brow, right round the eye until you reach the same point. Do this eye-circuit at least six times. Another great de-puffing trick for the whole face is to prop yourself up with an extra pillow as sleeping slightly elevated helps to drain excess fluid out of the face."

Another great tip for hungover skin is using a serum. With many people ditching their moisturisers for serums, there's a reason why they're the hottest beauty product right now. BRYT's Calm Serum contains plant antioxidants including Kalahari Oil, while the Boost Serum is a miracle for parched and blotchy skin thanks to essential oils that soak deep into the lower layers of the skin to nourish and restore.

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