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Avoid outdated beauty

Avoid outdated beauty

There are a few staple looks which all women call upon when they want to look polished. But what if some of them start to make you look a little dated? Obviously things like radiant skin and a red lip will never go out of style, but there are some surprising looks which might be making you look like you're trailing the fashion pack. For one thing, it seems as though dark eye shadow is as passé as neon legwarmers for Spring/Summer 15.

"Avoid lots of heavy make-up on the skin this season. Winged eyeliner and eyes are bang on trend with no blending (so as not to create a soft edge) and avoid smokey eyes," celebrity make-up artist Julia Carta explained. "This season is all about emphasising your features with beautiful luminous skin, emphasised thick brows and natural minimal lashes. Lots of blue eyeliner and bold graphic eyes are also big news this season. Avoid overly groomed brows and opt for a rustic boyish brow aka Keira Knightley and Cara Delevingne."

And it doesn't stop there. While you might have grown attached to a dark and vamp burgundy lipstick over the winter, or tried out deep brown or black if you were really brave, it's the quickest way to look behind the times these days. The Beauty Academy's Sharon Mayes cites really dark lipsticks as old fashioned, advising people to switch to bright pops of colour instead.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the summer months are the best time to add some warmth to your complexion - faking a natural glow if you will. According to make-up artist Maria Papadopoulou you need to step away from the bronzer, instead focusing on making your skin look fresh and glowy courtesy of light bases.

"Skin for SS15 is glowing from within and not sun drenched; it is at most sun pecked. Skin radiates a porcelain rather than a bronze glow," she explained.

Get this look by investing in a liquid highlighter and blending it into your foundation or tinted moisturiser before you apply. And don't add powder as that'll ruin the whole point of the look.

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