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Autumn updates for summer lipsticks

Autumn updates for summer lipsticks

If you’ve ever stepped into a cosmetics shop or beauty section in a department store, you'll know how difficult it is to stop yourself from purchasing an entire collection of new lipsticks, put beautifully on display.

It's easy to reach for something season specific, but luckily there are ways to turn those one-season lipsticks into year-round colour by turning your make-up area into an artist’s palette like a true cosmetologist. Here are a few tricks of the trade when updating your favourite shades.

Colour Swaps

In general, summer colours tend to be brighter, while autumn shades veer towards the darker side. Instead of the bright red hues of summer, darken it up a bit by sporting a crimson or blood-red look. If you have light pink lip stains, mix in a little burgundy lip balm to create a berry colour that captures the richness of autumn hues. Have a few nude lipsticks in your make-up bag? Turn that barely-there look into a seasonal mauve nude.

Lip Liner

How exactly do you easily transition into those colours? One top trick is to use lip liner to blend your lipstick. For example, if you have a bright red lipstick, use a darker red lip liner and trace a thick line, then blend the two together until you have your desired colour. Also, matte textures are a big trend for autumn, so blot your regular colour lipstick with a paper towel to give it the full effect.


Lastly, it’s important to keep your lips moisturised, especially in the dry autumn and winter months. While you can continue to hydrate by drinking water, using specific hydrating lipsticks or lip balms prior to applying lipstick is key. Any make-up artist will tell you that applying lip colour on dry, chapped lips is highly discouraged, not to mention uncomfortable and not pleasing to the eye.

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