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Ask the expert: anti-ageing

Ask the expert: anti-ageing

Are you sure you’re doing everything you can to delay signs of ageing?

In the latest instalment of our skincare series, we seek expert advice on keeping our complexions youthful. It’s important to start thinking about the ageing process as early as possible and make sure you are choosing the right products.

John Hamilton, a leading cosmetology dermatologist and anti-ageing expert, says we often make the same mistakes when it comes to ageing.

“People use a product that is not appropriate for their skin type,” John, formulator of natural and organic vital oil based skincare range, Natural Elements (, told Cover Media. “They use products without knowing exactly what’s in them and therefore are often applying products with harsh chemicals that actually strip the skin of its natural oils and subsequently ages, rather than anti-ages, the skin. So, applying a moisturiser that is based on petro-chemicals for example, is actually counterproductive.”

John insists keeping skin hydrated is the single most powerful weapon in the battle against ageing. He believes using the right product will make all the difference and encourages the use of vital oils.

“Moisturising the skin adequately is the best way to deal with ageing skin. In fact, by adding moisture to a dehydrated complexion it can literally take years off your face in just one application. Dehydrated skin also loses its elasticity and suppleness, so lines and wrinkles look accentuated and the skin is more crinkly in appearance,” he explained. “Moisturise using natural vital oils. The difference between oils and creams is that oils penetrate the dermis in the way creams don’t. They are full of goodness, from antioxidants to omegas and proteins to nutrients. They are literally a superfood for the skin. So they are far more restorative and will heal and protect skin at cellular level. In addition, vital oils offer high UVA protection – something that is not the case in many cosmetic SPFs. Even if they cite UVA protection on the bottle, often the protection is nowhere near high enough to prevent damage.”

Along with keeping skin moisturised and protected from sun damage, John’s other top tip is to use natural or organic products, rather than synthetic chemicals.

He believes that because our bodies respond better to botanical ingredients they achieve more noticeable results.

“Cellulose, a fibre which helps trees stand tall, has recently been hailed by scientists as an amazingly effective anti-ageing ingredient,” he explained. “Also look out for antioxidant rich products. The more antioxidants the better as they protect against free radicals and ageing more than anything else. In fact, a study in the Journal of Dermatology showed that antioxidants applied directly to skin are the best way to protect from disease. They also help combat the process of mitochondrial decay – a process now accepted by many scientists as the underlying cause of ageing.”

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