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Are your brows ageing you?

Are your brows ageing you?

Eyebrows have become big news in recent years, though the facial features have long been at the forefront thanks to the likes of classic Hollywood actresses Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. But remember, just because one style looks good on someone else doesn't mean they'll suit you, and without realising it you may actually be ageing yourself with your choice of brows.

So how can you tell if this is the case? Read on to find out what to avoid.

Vanishing hairs

Hair naturally thins with age, and the same goes for your brows. If you notice gaps, or maybe you've over-plucked, chances are you appear older than you actually are.

The solution is simple; fill them in properly! You want this to be as realistic looking as possible so a brow powder may be your best bet as it’s soft and easy to build up rather than being full on. Gently pull your skin taut and use an angled brush to apply in the same direction as your hair growth, with feathery strokes concentrating mainly on the sparse parts. You'll want to brush over at the end to ensure all is blended and natural looking.

Fading tails

If the outer edges of your eyebrows are fading, or have been over-plucked, this too can affect your overall appearance. The tail of the brow helps emphasize the arch and if there's nothing there, there's the risk of looking tired all the time.

This is where a pencil is needed in the right shade to match the rest of your brows. You need to be sure about where to draw the tail, so hold the pencil diagonally from the outside corner of your nostril to the outer corner of your peeper, and the point the pencil intersects with your eyebrow is the end of the line. Neatly add your tail up until that spot, following the same feathering method above, and again avoid a harsh finish.

Grey hairs

We can't avoid going grey... but we can cover it up to stay youthful for longer!

Tinted brow gel is key here and because you'll be applying it to grey/white hairs, don't pick one too dark (you don't want to scare people do you?). Experiment with shades and opt for one that's closest to the colour of the hair on your head, though if that's a dark shade stick to brown. Or visit a brow bar for professional treatment.

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