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Are you wearing the right deodorant?

Are you wearing the right deodorant?

It may not be sweltering outside, but deodorant is just important in the colder months as it is in the summer what with the dramatic change in temperate from being cosy and warm inside to braving the elements outside. But are you using the right product for your needs? We take you through the different types of sweat-preventers, and which are best according to your requirements.


A solid white deodorant that slides on dry - and is great for taking away with you on a plane as it doesn't break the liquid or aerosol rules! It's good for folk who suffer from hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating - as the block has the largest application surface, making it perfect for stopping heavy perspiration. However, be sure to get one that doesn't leave white marks as the more you rub, the more likely a piece of clothing is to catch your under-arm and end up stained white. Keep your pits hydrated too as rubbing a stick on regularly could leave them sore and dry.


The sensation of spraying a can of deodorant under your arms is a refreshing one that immediately makes you feel a bit cleaner, even if you have just been sweating it out at the gym. They smell good too and are easy to spritz quickly while on the go. However, spray-form deodorants are unable to carry many active ingredients, which means it may not last for long - this isn't handy if you have a busy day ahead. You may have to reapply throughout the day, and you'll have to ditch it at airport security before boarding your plane.


When you roll a liquid-covered ball over your armpits, a protective layer is formed when it dries. Pick from either scented or non-scented products, with application easy to get precise as you know exactly where you've covered thanks to the dampness. Again though, like the stick, it may leave stains and the liquid may dry your skin out. Those prone to dryness should either avoid this option or reach for moisturiser whenever possible - perhaps at night when you can ditch the deodorant.


Whether it's in a compact or out of a pot, cream requires a lot of rubbing in. It's smooth like a stick and again forms a protective layer to ensure sweat is kept at bay. But if you're not careful you'll be left with sticky armpits, so you want to make sure there's no cream visible after application. It's not the easiest option to apply while on the go either, but could is a good choice if you know you need extra protection for the day ahead.

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