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Alternative ways to use lipstick

Alternative ways to use lipstick

Lipstick can be a girl’s best friend and is sure to add confidence to anyone who wears it. But you don’t just have to use it on your mouth – there are other ways you can make lippy your must-have make-up product!

Cream blushes are popular products, though rather than spending extra pennies on it you can use your lipstick instead. Quickly add warmth to your complexion by sweeping a few small lines of colour across your cheeks and gently blending with your fingers. You’ll want to go for matte finishes for a more natural look, however a satin finish could add a pretty sparkle if you’re heading out in the evening. If you struggle to blend, warm the lipstick up between your fingers and then use your fingertips on the face instead of the product itself.

Or if you want to add structure to your face you can use your favourite lipstick to contour. Nude, bronze and brown shades are ideal for this and you don’t need to do anything too complicated to achieve chiselled cheekbones! Put the colour on the back of your hand and use a stiff, angular brush along the cheeks, jaw and temple – the areas exemplified through contouring. Afterwards, as you would with a powder, take a blending brush and soften the harsh lines.

Your eyes can also benefit from a pop of lipstick, especially when you want to create a certain look but don’t have the right eyeshadow shades. Be sure to make your lipstick clean first though as the last thing you want is to smother your eyes with germs that may be in your mouth – just dot a little sanitising spray or alcohol over the top and allow to dry. Rather than applying the lippy directly to your eyelids, use a cotton q-tip or synthetic brush to get the colour on. Blend with a softer brush or, if it doesn’t spread out enough, turn to the fingertips once again. As your eyelids are a slightly moist surface, you could add a loose powder to amplify the finish – it will stick easily.

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